About Stella Jansen van Rensburg, M.D.

Stella Jansen van Rensburg, M.D.
Stella Jansen van Rensburg, M.D.

Founder of Papillon Advanced Medical

Okotoks Bioidentical Doctor, Stella Jansen van Rensburg, M.D., at Papillon Medical, we have designed a specific style of anti-aging that utilizes safe, effective and natural therapies to address the underlying mechanisms of aging. Doctor Stella Jansen van Rensburg studied medicine at the university of Pretoria, South Africa.

In 2004 she moved to Canada where she opened her own successful family practice. Over the years Doctor Stella grew special interest in aesthetics, wellness and weight control programs.

She moved to Calgary follow her passion and her dream to open her own aesthetic and wellness clinic. Doctor Stella always kept working as a family doctor but got extensive training in advanced aesthetic procedures, medical weight loss programs, the advanced use of neuromodulators (botox), dermal filler and medical dermatology. Doctor Stella is now the medical advisor and trainer for all of Canada in the revolutionary Arquederma technique known as artistic restoration lift.

Doctor Stella is passionate about helping patients taking control of there health.

With Papillon Advanced Medical Aesthetics she will offer a wide range of treatments where she will always be looking for minimally invasive procedures with maximum results, by combining preventative science based natural medicine with conventional medicine.

  • Graduate Bachelor Degree of medicine and surgery in 2001 at University of Pretoria, South Africa
  • Licentiate of the Canadian Medical Counsel
  • Active member of the Canadian Association of aesthetic medicine (CAAM)
  • Member of institute of functional medicine (IFM)
  • Member American Academy of anti aging and regenerative medicine (A4M)
  • Practicing Family and Emergency medicine in Canada since 2004
  • Knowledgeable and passionate about functional and regenerative medicine.

Special interest:

  • Woman’s Health including trained in prescribing bio identical hormones
  • Knowledgeable about safe rapid weight loss, Medical weight loss programs
  • Nutrition and weight management for health and vitality
  • Medical and aesthetic dermatology
  • Facial aesthetic specialist
  • Trainer and medical advisor in all of Canada for the revolutionary ArqueDerma technique of utilizing Dermal filler
  • Specialize in the advanced use of Botox and Dermal filler
  • Skin care expert
  • Practice functional and regenerative medicine
  • Cutting edge aesthetic and true preventative medicine: Health and vitality at any age

Okotoks Bioidentical Doctor, Stella Jansen van Rensburg, M.D., at Papillon Medical Aesthetics has extensive experience in patient care and creating customized wellness protocols to help her patients get to the root of their health concerns. Her specialized plans are based on individual needs, goals, and preferences, and many patients have been able to overcome their health challenges with her guidance. Dedicated to patient-centered care, Doctor Jansen van Rensburg never rushes through patient visits and looks forward to building strong doctor to patient relationships. Countless men and women in the Calgary Region area have been able to regain their wellness with one of Doctor Jansen van Rensburg’s plans.

Congratulations on taking charge of your health, we look forward to working with you!